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Brain’s slow to start today. So I was checking out my RSS feeds to see if there’s anything new to read, and got to this Lifehacker article on How well does your name Google? I have a fairly uncommon name, in fact I think there is only one other person with my name that I’ve found so far, and she lives in the US (we emailed each other once, but beyond the novelty of sharing a name, there wasn’t much to write about). My blog doesn’t come up because I don’t think I’ve ever written my full name in it, for various reasons (though if you really wanted to find me, it wouldn’t be hard). I’m there on sites like REMO, IFES, Equip, webSalt, and even have a cast credit from Aoise’s website in the days when I was an ‘actor’ (I use the term loosely). There used to be some publication credits too but they seem to have dropped off/down the list.

Then I wondered whether there would be any hits for ‘Bec’ rather than ‘Rebecca’. There weren’t. But I did discover that there is a place in London called Tooting Bec! How funny is that? (Heath, that beats Chipping Norton hands down, you’ve got to admit).

Well I found it funny.

“Tooting Bec appears in the book The Meaning of Liff, defined as the situation in which a driver sounds his or her horn at a car in front, only to discover that the car in front is parked.”