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The Logies suck. They suck so much. But, like all awards shows, if they’re on TV and the TV is on, they keep drawing me back to them. That siren song of lame jokes and sycophantic fawning aimed at drunk celebrities with no sense of humour but a totally inflated sense of self-importance… it just keeps luring me out to the living room where Dave is watching it (he’s allowed to watch it, he’s sick – it’s perfect sick-day viewing).

But I have to say I did enjoy watching Dave Hughes make several jokes at Kyle Sandilands’ expense. Kyle, needless to say, did not look impressed.

The other thing Dave was watching earlier this evening was some Lost Tribes thing where three Aussie families sign up for ‘holidays’, hoping for a 5-star resort or something, and end up being sent off to a Zulu tribe, Namibia and somewhere in remote Indonesia. Needless to say, these families have all been chosen for their high levels of superficiality and their love of creature comforts and even though I was in the other room, just hearing the sound of their horrified wails as they found out where they were going was quite, well, satisfying. Why on earth would you sign up for any kind of reality show and expect it to be all wine and roses?

I think I’m still in a ranty mood. Whaddya reckon?