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I love Ralph Wiggum.

That aside, I am once again praising the virtues of my laptop, specifically because it allows me to play a certain online game when I am otherwise incapacitated. I may not be able to sit up and concentrate on a movie, or a conversation, or read a book, or write anything, but I can run around in another world, killing nasties and generally having a good time as though I am hale and hearty. Also I can just stop whenever I need to. It makes me feel like anything’s copeable-with. Including mangled sentences like that one.

Escapism at its best.

Today my big achievement was getting to church. I enjoyed it actually; it was Christian’s first sermon (he’s our student minister) and he preached on 1 Peter 1. My dad was also there, and it was a great sermon for us all to hear. People were very excited to see me, and they gave thanks in prayer time that I had the surgery and am recovering.

We were then supposed to go out for lunch with my brother and his girlfriend, but church was pretty much all the social interaction I could handle for one day. I’ve found it’s not so much the Being Out that’s problematic, it’s having to interact with other people. It actually takes a lot of energy and concentration to be a reasonably civilised member of society!

So I came back home and lay down for a while, mum and dad have gone to lunch, and I am glad of some peace and quiet for the afternoon. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, but I know I’ll be able to enjoy them soon enough.

In the meantime, I can be (almost) invincible in Azeroth…