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This is so freaky and bizarrely cool (or maybe, in my current unwell state, i’m just delirious). Stumbled across the Face Transformer site, which allows you to see what you’d look like if you came from a different racial background…even how certain artists might have painted you. They also can show you in various stages of aging, but the baby/child/adolescent ones just look kind of alieny so I didn’t include them. But herewith is the amazing gallery of transformation that is still freaking me out a bit, but which I just had to post because…well, i had to.

This is the basic photo of me I uploaded (and I took it without much light and while I was unwell which is why it’s kind of pale and bluish, but bear with me):

And so we move from that to these…

From left to right starting at the top, we’ve got Afro Caribbean Bec, West Asian Bec, Caucasian Bec, Bec as a guy, Bec in a few years’ time and Bec if she was 50% chimp. Flattering, no?

It’s funny, cos although my eyes and mouth stay the same in most of them (except probably the ape one), it’s amazing how face shape and a couple of other slight changes can make such a difference. And also how standard some racial traits are. For example, when I was choosing which face type my starting photo looked most like, it matched up with an East Asian face – and yes, while I know I’m half-Chinese, I’ve never thought I looked especially Chinese, but there is obviously some inherent quality that makes me look East Asian.

But I liked these the best…I always fancied the idea of being someone’s muse (if I was painted by Botticelli, Modigliani and Mucha):