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I had my appointment with the surgeon this afternoon to discuss my fascinating gallbladder. He has concluded that as it is absolutely chock full of stones, yep, it definitely needs to come out. He also assured me that the surgery is pretty easy these days unless you’re the 1 in 10 that can’t have the thing removed via keyhole surgery and they have to properly cut you open. I had a little panic yesterday over the fact that whatever happens, I’m going to have holes in me and scars and whatnot. But I’m over that now, I can see this is the only option and want it to happen.

That’s all fine.

But there are two big problems now. Well, I see them as big.

  1. As I do not have private health cover, I am going in as a public patient so need to go on the waiting list. Dr Yeo has no control over the waiting list, so I could be waiting a while to have this operation. His assistant said “It’s much better than it used to be…used to be two years…though we did have someone who had to wait nine months…” They have ticked the box on the form that says I need to have it within 90 days, and people have been known to get lucky and be scheduled quickly due to cancellations and the like. But even so…my dreams that he would say ‘we’re rushing you to hospital right now!’ have come crashing down.
  2. I have to be SUPER careful with what I eat – which I kind of knew but was denying. I am to have no fat, no spices, no onion, no garlic; in short I can eat boiled vegetables and rice. I am sure to lose heaps of weight! But if I aggravate my already aggravated gallbladder, I could be up for septicaemia (blood poisoning) or pancreatitis, neither of which sound at all fun. So here we go, back to my favourite childhood dish, rice and soy sauce. Hurrah!

    Of course now that I have been explicitly informed I am not to eat anything interesting, all I can think about is food.

And today I feel like absolute crap. Might have something to do with the cheese I defiantly ate yesterday (guess I’ll be chucking out the rest of that brie…I’m a bad girl). I’m just hoping and praying there is a cancellation and I get in sooner rather than later. Dr Yeo said that after I get the gallbladder out, I’ll be able to eat whatever I like.

Bring it on!