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I finally got some cheques back from Medicare to pay for the blood tests and ultra sound I had recently. I was assured by the people at the pathology lab that Medicare would pay for most of the procedure.

Okay, so the bill was $154.15. Guess how much I got back?


What is the point?! Surely it would have cost them more than that to print the cheque, pay for the labour and stationery and post it. Why even bother?

Arg. I hate medical bills. And bureaucracy. And…and…cauliflower. (just had to add a random in case any of you are medicos or bureaucrats. Of course one of you might be a cauliflower producer, in which case I have nothing more to say to you.)

And yes, I know if I lived somewhere like the US where the healthcare system is crazy, this would seem incredibly generous, and I’m lucky to live in a country that even has Medicare, but this is my rant and I choose to be ranty!

I think I need some chocolate.