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Tomorrow it’s my birthday. It’s weird, usually I look forward to my birthday with a great sense of anticipation and excitement (a leftover from childhood perhaps) but this year…I keep forgetting I’m turning 31 on Saturday (and no old-age jokes, please).

I went into work after a conference I attended this morning and everyone had organised a nice afternoon tea with our lovely friends at Matthias Media. It was really sweet. Tomorrow I’m having another afternoon tea at home and then going out for a low key dinner at Bill & Toni’s.

Maybe I just don’t have the energy to have a birthday at the moment. Part of me really feels like going out, right now, but I know that before I’d even got my shoes on I’d feel too tired and want to stay home.

It’s also weird to think about another year passing…and what’s happened? A lot, I guess, and yet…not much.

  • Around this time last year I started counselling.
  • A couple of months later I started anti-depressants.
  • I am still at St Martin’s and still floating, not feeling like I have the energy to take stuff on yet.
  • I am still at AFES, and the writing and publications stuff is starting to really inspire me, but there are still limitations and frustrations to the job.
  • I am still in debt!
  • Dave moved in – and is still here.
  • I won and went on my Varuna fellowship.
  • I feel more like a legitimate writer than I ever have in my life.
  • I started playing WoW.
  • I had a car accident and wrote off mum’s faithful little green Mazda.
  • I’ve been sorting through various health problems.
  • I’ve made some great new friends (Meg, Mark and his family, amongst others)
  • I’ve reacquainted with Freda and am loving the time we spend together, quilting and chatting.
  • Still single and still Christian, so still struggling with contentment in relation to those two things being in tension, but feeling more at peace than I have in a long time about it.

And lots of other stuff that I can’t quite remember at the moment. See, so heaps. Some things change, some stay the same. I think there’s a song in that.