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Despite feeling pretty gross yesterday (Anzac Day), I went out with mum and Freda to see Becoming Jane at Bondi Junction. It was great! I’ve posted a review on webSalt, for anyone who wants to read it.

It was a really gorgeous movie, and made me think about all sorts of things. I have to admit I was a total sook and cried for pretty much the whole last third. But hey, I cry in Dirty Dancing, so maybe I’m not the best gauge.

But it made me think lots about being a writer, about being single, about having principles and making wise choices, even though those choices might hurt. I know the movie is total speculation on what actually happened in Austen’s life, but it really makes you appreciate something of her personality when you think about how she wrote, how incisive her wit was, and how all her heroines end up happily-ever-after in one form or another. It must have been a very lonely life.

But I love this quote from an evening prayer she wrote, and which her sister Cassandra preserved:

Give us a thankful sense of the blessings in which we live, of the many comforts of our lot; that we may not deserve to lose them by discontent or indifference.

Something worth praying every day, I think.