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Back onto the issue of health. I went to see the doctor when I got back from Katoomba, and she said I need to see a specialist and get that gallbladder outta there. That doesn’t bother me; in fact, I have heard from many people who have had their gallbladders removed who say they have never felt better. So bring it on.

The thing that concerns me is that she also said if I have another ‘attack’ of feeling unwell, I should go to emergency at the hospital. This worries me, because I’m not sure how bad I have to feel before I go. I’ve been feeling pretty gross all day and have just started crying for no reason – is that bad enough? My back isn’t spasming like it has done, maybe I have to wait for that. Am I being too stoic? Or will I front up to emergency with my xrays only to be told to go home?

I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel in a couple of hours or so.

Aside from that, nothing much has been happening since I got back from Varuna. It already feels like it happened aeons ago, like that idyll only existed somewhere in my mind. I’ve written a little bit since I got home, but not much. I’ve just been wiped out from being back at work.

Work’s been fine. We reinstiuted the Friday Thai Day with the good folk at Matthias Media next door, so that’s a good chance to catch up with people once a month. I have been working for the latter part of the week on a redesign of the NTE graphics, which I really enjoy doing – I like tasks like that that I can get lost in, just spending hours pushing pixels around and coming up with something reasonably cool (actually I only enjoy it if it works, there’s nothing more frustrating than mucking around with something for hours only to trash it because it’s unfixable). I’ll put the results up here when I’ve finished.

The blog’s a bit boring when I’m at home, eh?

I didn’t go to hospital, you’ll be pleased to know. I just went to bed. But this morning I feel like I’ve been run over by a very large truck.