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I am exhausted. I don’t know what from, I just am. It’s been a pretty low key weekend, but then I think I needed it to be.

Johanna and Claire came over for morning tea and were here waiting when I got back from church (that’s the three of us in the picture, all bespectacled). They brought buns and somesuch and it was all very tasty. So good to catch up with such top quality chicks! 🙂

Dave had brought home some free tickets to a choral concert at the Opera House for me and mum this afternoon, and even though that is so nice and you hardly ever get anything like that for free, I decided not to go. I carved out an afternoon of time for myself. Mum went on her own; hopefully she enjoyed it. Just the thought of getting there and back was too much. Usually with the fatigue I get it’s not so much doing things that’s the problem, it’s the getting there and dealing with crowds and all that stuff. It’s much easier to put on your trackies and forget about it.

And now everyone’s gone and I have the flat to myself and it’s great! I’ve even put on the Rainforest Flute CD – Dave gave it to me for my birthday with the intention of helping me calm down and sleep – and it is rather soothing. That’s the best part about carving out time – you can just curl up and go to sleep in the afternoon if you want to and it doesn’t matter in the slightest.