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so. went to the doctor again today. first things first – i don’t have hepatitis or glandular fever! hurrah!


remember a while back when it was discovered that i had many, many gallstones but the doctor said not to worry about it, we’d worry when it actually caused problems? well it seems that now may be that problem-causing time. the doctor i saw today (not my usual doctor) said she wasn’t sure because the symptoms i’ve got are not completely consistent with this, but given my history i may have something which is delightfully called ‘grumbling cholangitis’, which is something to do with bile duct blockages and gall stones and other palatable topics. this may have resulted in an infection in my liver, which would explain why i’ve felt so rotten for the last two weeks.

so i had more blood taken, she’s put me on antibiotics for the infection, and i’m off to have an abdominal ultrasound on wednesday. if her diagnosis proves to be correct, the likely end result is that i will have to have surgery to have my gall bladder removed. which will then probably mean no more rich food, no more alcohol, and, now that i think about it, probably a great weight loss as a result.

hey! i’m trying to find an upside here! i started trying to read up on it on the net and got depressed very quickly when i saw phrases in the google search like ‘life-threatening’, ‘bowel cancer’ and ‘cholangitis in cats’ (okay that last one just made me laugh, but still). admittedly that is for acute cases, so i’m glad mine is only ‘grumbling’ (how typical of me!).

so thank you for your prayers…but don’t stop now… 🙂