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if you ever find a book by the brilliant cartoonist Judy Horacek called Lost in Space, buy it. It is so funny. I haven’t laughed out loud like that for ages. It’s all a rambly stream of consciousness type book, punctuated with her very funny cartoons, and although it’s not the funniest excerpt by far, I loved this bit because I have often thought the same (and it’s vaguely linked to books so that’s my segue from writing to this to…oh so there’s no link. fine.):

When you get a new bookcase, there is a brief point in the time-space continuum where there is a place for every single one of your books. The state of order and harmony thus achieved lasts for a maximum of 48 hours, after which, mysteriously, there are once again more books than space on the shelves, even though to the best of your knowledge no new books have entered the house. Freeways are the same, except the time from the opening of the new freeway to the time when the traffic no longer flows freely and starts to bank up again is about twenty minutes. There is one major difference in that I don’t think you can ever have too many books or bookcases to keep them in, but I’m pretty sure there are already too many freeways and parking places. I try hard not to use the new ones.

Judy Horacek, Lost in Space p92

also two whole chapters about not being scared of spiders but being unable to sleep in the same room as them…could have been me. 🙂

okay I’m really going to write now. Promise.