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…not marking time in the sense that I’m waiting for something to happen, but marking this time. I feel like everything is slowly changing for the better, that I’m launching into a bright new phase of life; it won’t be without its difficulties, but all the same I’ll be fulfilling long-held dreams and scaling what seemed like impossible mountains (Jake tells me there are no impossible mountains).

To that end, perhaps a little frivolously and certainly unintentionally (in that I wasn’t thinking I’d buy one when I left the house this afternoon), I went out and bought a charm bracelet today. Not just any charm bracelet, mind you, but a gorgeous Pandora charm bracelet. No, I’m not about to unleash all the evils of the world onto an unsuspecting public, but I just couldn’t stop looking at these delightful things and decided that I would Mark This Time.

So I bought three of these satisfyingly heavy and chunky charms – a little bead with a cross, anchor and heart to represent faith, hope and love; a little house that’s probably actually a church or something (it has a clock tower), but was the closest thing to Varuna I could find; and a fat little turtle with a big smile on his face, because slow and steady wins the race!

I have done some very satisfying writing last night and today, fun flashback scenes and character development. I also drew a timeline on my whiteboard that has been really helpful in seeing where characters’ lives intersect and making sure I don’t have any continuity problems. I’m actually enjoying this! Who would have thought, a couple of years ago, that I would ever enjoy this story again?