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blogger just ate my post so i’ll have to try and remember what i was rambling about.

i’m feeling better today than i have for about three weeks, which isn’t saying much considering how i’ve been feeling, but it is a step forward. i guess the antibiotics must be doing their magic and hopefully my poor old liver is getting better and my gallbladder has decided to behave itself for the time being. i’m still very washed out and tire very very quickly, but i did manage to get into work for a few hours yesterday so that feel like a big bonus.

and just in time, too, because in less than two days i’m off for two weeks to varuna (pictured left) for my writing fellowship retreat! i’m getting really excited now and wrapping my head around a) the fact that i won it at all, and b) that even if i don’t produce a book at the end of it, this is a major step in my development as a writer.

jen has expressed concern that it sounds a little monastic – lots of time spent alone, yet in this kind of isolated community, no phone calls before six because it disturbs the other writers, no internet, write, damn you, write! stop procrastinating! (i wonder if modern day monks have internet access…what was i saying?) – but she’s going to visit me towards the end of the week and we’re going to go and have hot chocolate so that’s some company to look forward to.

i just hope the words come. i’m sure some words will come. they may not be the ones i was expecting.

a sort of postscript:
the latest Salt magazine came out this week (this is the magazine i edit and basically the best bit of my job). this issue is all about prayer and has some great articles in it.

if you’re not a subscriber you can sign up and we will send it to you for free! just send an email saying you’d like to subscribe (include your postal address) to publications [at] and in my absence some lovely people will send you a copy, posthaste.