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I got two lots of flowers delivered yesterday. a bunch of bright, cheerful lilies and gerberas from the equip committee, and a box of beautiful singapore orchids, which my boss delivered himself (although he didn’t ring the doorbell, he just left them outside and then rang me to tell me they were there, but it was still such a wonderful surprise).

i said to my flatmate, “wow. i must be really sick!”

all joking aside, it is really lovely to know that people are thinking of you, but even better to know that they are praying for your recovery. i don’t know what the reason is, but i know God’s got it all under control, and me being sick is part of his purpose. i don’t feel bitter about that. it would be nice if the nausea would stop, but hey – i am so lucky that i have a workplace that is sympathetic and that will cope with me being away for so long. i am lucky that i have so many people praying for me and offering to do things for me. i am lucky i have books to read and my computer to play on and DVDs to watch to stave off the boredom.

maybe lucky isn’t the right word. maybe blessed is a better word.

but being well again…that would be great. so keep praying for me!