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i appear to be sick again. have been in bed for the better part of the last three days, feeling much the same as i did a few weeks ago when i got that awful virus. went to the doctor today for a blood test, but she said “most likely it will show that you’re just really unlucky and got another virus within two weeks of getting over the last one.”


and i’d been doing so well. feeling the best i’d felt in ages, going to the gym, going out and catching up with friends…i refuse to think i’d overdone it because those were just normal, ordinary things, nothing that extreme. but then i have to remember, in my case, the batteries do wear down very quickly and normal, ordinary things can become unscaleable mountains. damn it.

well this time i’m doing the right thing. i am listening to my body, staying in bed, not attempting to leave the house. it sucks but the doctor told me if i don’t rest then what starts as ‘just’ a virus will end up being a lot worse.

so i bought myself a trashy fashion magazine to read in bed as consolation. it hasn’t helped, though in a several page recap of oscar fashions from 2006, it has got me well and truly primed for this years’ awards season, something that was obviously sorely lacking in my life up until this point. is it the delirium, or do you also find that after a while all the starlets and their plastic smiles start to blend into one?