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well. who’s the sourpuss who hates everything to do with february 14 (except for the fact that it’s jen’s birthday and also, as i noted last year, decimal currency day)? who’s the bad-tempered lass who, on this day, scowls at anyone carrying flowers, derides cards and sneers at anything with a red heart on it? who’s the hypocrite who would secretly be thrilled if she got flowers or a card (but would probably draw the line at anything red-hearted)?

it’s me, in case you didn’t guess.

but here’s what happened this morning. i got an email from the lovely girls at vilain boutique telling me that i was the random winner of the prize from a survey i took at their site several weeks ago. woo hoo! a brand new 400-thread count egyptian cotton sheet set and quilt cover coming my way! sweeeeet.

it’s nice to get presents for no reason. but especially nice to get presents on a day when you’re usually feeling ticked off and scrooge-like about anyone else getting presents.