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i’m now sitting here watching the oscars. and i even know who won everything and who wore the ugly dresses and all that and i’m still sitting here watching the oscars. with all the unfunny scripted banter and the schmoozing and backslapping and…and yet…i can’t look away. i may have to turn it off and go into another room before ere long. but hey, let’s face it, i’ll probably still be here in nine hours when it’s still dragging on and ellen degeneres is still rambling her intro monologue.

also all i want to do is eat the remaining four chocolate billabongs in my freezer and the half a block of mint chip chocolate in the fridge. do you think it might have something to do with the fact that i’m…uh, still sick?!!!

so yeah, got the blood test back today and apparently my liver is stuffed and my blood count is down and they have to do more tests because it’s clear my body is fighting something bad, possibly – yes, you guessed it – glandular fever, or even maybe hepatitis. yuck.

though i have to say, will smith is really attractive when he laughs. hey, he’s attractive even when he doesn’t laugh.

oh good lord it’s just devolved into some weird song with a gospel choir and ellen is waving a tambourine around. and now daniel craig and nicole kidman are presenting the first award and they look like robots. they sound like robots too.

i think i’m going to have to get that box of billabongs.