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i turned on the TV this afternoon while i ate my lunch. not usually being at home during the day, i have forgotten the strangeness of daytime TV, Oprah, in particular.

i don’t know how old the show was – sometime in the last year – but the band Bon Jovi was on and as i flicked through Oprah announced that everyone in the audience was getting free tickets to the opening of the Bon Jovi world tour. the (predominantly 35-45 year old) women went absolutely crazy. screaming, clapping, jumping up and down, absolutely bat-crazy. even Jon Bon Jovi looked slightly bemused and you would think he would be used to screaming audiences. neither he nor Oprah could get a word out for about a minute because of the noise.

i just don’t get it. enthusiastic applause, sure. wild cheering, yeah bring it on. but pawing your neighbour, bursting into tears and looking like you’re about to pass out through sheer exhilaration because you’ve been given a concert ticket? maybe for these women it was a rekindling of their youths. maybe they were all die-hard Bon Jovi fans and they had been dreaming of that moment since they used to write ‘Richie Sambora 4 eva’ on their folders at school. maybe i’m a little too cynical, but i’m thinking they might need to get out more.

speaking of which i think i need to leave the house right now; daytime TV is strangely hypnotic and yet incredibly stultifying.