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my love of craft things is being resurrected – watch out! i shall be collecting random, meaningless swatches of fabric just because i like them. i shall be hoarding all sorts of bits and pieces because i might be able to use them in ‘something’. i shall be once again pondering whether buying a sewing machine can be considered an essential purchase.

i got together with freda, my godmother-if-i-had-a-godmother, yesterday and dragged out the sad remnants that were once going to be my quilt. but, the lovely encouraging woman that she is, she ooh-d and ahh-ed over my badly pieced blocks and said they were wonderful. she is of the opinion that you must enjoy the craft you’re doing or there’s no point, so if you obsess over making every stitch perfect then you will most likely give up because you’re not having fun. this is very much my philosophy!

so we laid the blocks out on the ground and she gave me some ideas as to what we could do. we sewed a few things and now i am charged with going off to find some bordering and backing material – maybe next week we’ll be able to put the top together and i’ll be that much closer to actually having a finished project. it’s only taken five years!