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i’ve been going through a stack of ‘zed’ magazines that mark brought into work. i didn’t even know this magazine ever existed – it was published by matthias media in the late 90s, aimed at late high-school, early uni aged people. hopefully i’m not breaking any laws by sharing with you an excerpt from one of john dickson‘s article on sex that illustrates better what i was trying to write about a couple of posts ago.

[‘Sexperts’] seem to be the great promoters and freedom-fighters for sex, but when you scratch beneath the beautifully glossy surface, it’s just the opposite. The promoters turn out to be demoters; their fight doesn’t bring freedom, it sets a trap, which many of us fall into.

If they thought you wanted to hear, “Be celibate!”, that’s exactly what [women’s magazines]’d be saying. Although they go on and on about sex, they don’t value sex at all, except as a way of selling magazines.

The same is true of the movies and the Mardi Gras. On the surface they look like they’re fighting for sexual freedom, but scratch beneath the gloss and it turns out they’re really promoting sexual selfishness, triviality and unfaithfulness.

Let me explain. My first car was an orange Datsun 1200. It got me from A to B, but it really was a rust bucket. It only cost me a thousand bucks, so I didn’t treat it too well and had no problem lending it out to any of my mates. I figured that if they crashed it, it was no big deal. Suppose though, I owned the latest Porsche. I can assure you, there is no way I’d be letting any of my mates anywhere near it, let alone in the driver’s seat. A valuable car like that needs respect and the utmost care.

It seems to me that the sexperts of our society have sucked us into a Datsun view of sex. Lend it out. It’s not that special. Don’t worry about rules and guidelines.

But in God’s eyes, sex is more like a Porsche. It is valuable. It demands care. It is something precious to us, not just the machinery we use to get around and enjoy ourselves. God is not against sex, he’s very much for it…Remember, the Creator is creative…he invented sex – fantastic, enjoyable, intimate and exciting. And because sex is so valuable, God has given some very smart guidelines and rules for its enjoyjment and to keep us from getting hurt. The sexperts usually say these guidelines are restrictive and boring, but that might just be because they have been fooled into thinking that the Porsche is a Datsun.

zed magazine, issue #7, 1997, p5-6

i like this analogy. but no matter how good the analogy i have a feeling there are certain people (such as my psychologist) who will never concede the point. they just think you’re being ‘quaint’ at best.