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after starting the year off really well with work, i’ve been sick for the last two days. i have lots to do that i really want to get stuck into so it’s a bit frustrating. got migraines, extreme nausea and weirdly aching joints. most unpleasant. it has been suggested more than once that it might be a flu thing. this alarms me because my boss came back from the states with a nasty flu and i would hate to have caught it, but i’m hoping it’s just my body being stupid and it all sorts itself out by tomorrow. if it doesn’t…well then…i guess i’ll just have to sleep some more.

being sick always makes me want to curl up under the blue and white crocheted rug my great-aunty bab made for me when i was a child. i haven’t today, as it’s too hot for that, but how’s this for a seamless segue into showing off the latest progress of TQTWD (the Quilt That Wouldn’t Die…remember?).

freda and i are really excited about it. i haven’t had the chance yet to show it to danielle, who was instrumental in me starting the whole thing all those years ago. but i like the fact that this will most likely become my sick-day solace quilt, and it will contain memories of two wonderful women who have helped me along in my Christian walk and been lots of fun to sew with.

so here it is, not yet put together with the backing, or quilted, but here’s the top, currently hanging on my wall: