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i forgot to say – i have a car! well, kind of. dad bought an old bomb while he was in town recently rather than renting a car (as you do), and when he left he entrusted it into my care.

here is the 1984 nissan skyline i am now tooling around in – it’s 8 years younger than me!

(actually on the back it says datsun nissan skyline so either they were in the middle of a name change or they couldn’t make up their minds)

it has a top of the line sound system and interior detailing:

i enquired as to whether it was worth getting the air conditioning repaired. the auto electrician told me that the coolant used by these cars was banned in 1994 and it would cost at least $295 to convert the system. i decided fresh air is a wonderful thing.

but the best feature by far of this car is its seat covers:

it also takes leaded petrol, which is, of course, banned. so you have to fill it up with unleaded and then add this lead substitute or something to the tank. the wheel alignment seems a bit dodgy and my father warned me to take it easy in the wet because the back wheels have a tendency to spin out and the car goes sideways. by all rights this car probably shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

but i am once again mobile! watch out, world!