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i have spent a lovely last couple of days with my dear friends jen and mark. i was supposed to go to a party at brett and em’s, and felt bad that i didn’t, but as i’ve kind of been unable to even really leave the house much for the past week, i didn’t think my back was up to a party, and i actually didn’t feel like drinking a lot. and really, when i’m at those things my willpower gets whittled away and i always end up drinking more than i intended. i plan to go over to their place with a bottle of wine and an in-person apology this week.

jen picked me up on new year’s eve and we picked up a dozen assorted krispy kremes, as is our tradition. she and mark cooked burritos for dinner, which we ate while they introduced me to the first season of angel (we’ve been working our way through buffy from beginning to end for the last couple of years, as i had only seen the last couple of season. i have resisted angel until this point, but no longer!). then we ate some doughnuts and played WoW for a few hours, punctuated by slabs of chicago, which was on channel 7, and some of jen’s delicious Christmas pudding.

then i decided i needed to see some fireworks, and as we had heard some at 9-ish, we wandered down to parramatta park, figuring there would also be some at midnight. alas, in parramatta, the new year starts at 9.30 and there were no midnight fireworks, but we got back home in time to watch the harbour ones on TV. we had some frangelico and went back to WoW for a little longer before crashing.

i then slept in till 1.00pm! i was so pleased about this, because the last few days i have been unable to get to sleep at night, or to sleep in in the morning, which means i’ve been operating on very little sleep, making it much harder to deal with things. so i surfaced in the afternoon, and we had absolutely scrumptious blueberry pancakes, hung out a bit more, ate more doughnuts, had fish and chips for dinner and eventually went home in the lovely rain. it has been so nice to spend such a slab of time with some of my favourite people, doing not much, eating whatever we wanted, and sleeping a lot.

and i realised that this is the first new year’s in three years that i haven’t spent feeling miserable and crying for most of the night. so hurrah! 2007 will be great if this is any indication!

happy new year everyone!