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today is my last day of holidays, and it kind of feels like the first. i’m still tired! i hate waking up to alarms, maybe that’s it – if i could get up whenever i felt like it and wander in to work it would probably be okay. probably. who am i kidding, i’d never go.

but i have actually been looking forward to getting back to work and getting stuck into the next issue of salt magazine. i’ll be the only one in the office for the rest of the week, so hopefully the phone doesn’t go too insane and i can actually do things like sort out deadlines and things for the year, read some stuff i need to review for the magazine and just get my act together.

i didn’t achieve much of anything these holidays, but i don’t mind that so much. i had lots and lots of projects i was going to do and i don’t think i did any. i did finish reading a couple of books, so that was good, i slept whenever i felt like it and woke whenever i felt like it, and i went up a few levels in WoW (yes, i’m a nerd).

today i met up with catherine and baby samuel for a bit of shopping at eastgardens, which strangely wiped me out. samuel is really clingy at the moment and didn’t like being handed to me when catherine was trying on clothes. i got a couple of (much needed) pairs of shorts on sale and some lovely smelling stuff from the body shop and lush, which make me feel happy even as i can smell them sitting here on my desk.

i’ve been having a bit of a personal (west) wing-fest lately too, finishing season 5 and embarking upon season 6 after feeling a bit negative about the whole show after aaron sorkin’s departure. but i love it again! so i came home and watched another episode and then decided on my last day of holidays i really needed to go to the beach and not spend the whole gorgeously sunny day indoors.

i tried bronte, it looked pretty rough. i tried clovelly because it’s so sheltered i figured it might be a bit better, but it was equally rough and had this miasma of sludge all down the middle, so i wandered along the cliffs for a while, then decided to head over to coogee for one last stab at the whole swimming malarkey. it, too, was very rough so i swam in the pool on the south end, and after about five minutes they closed the beach anyway, so i didn’t feel i’d been too much of a coward to go into the surf! the water was freezing, but sitting in the sun letting the salt dry on my skin felt wonderful.

and so that’s the end of my brief holidays! but isn’t it wonderful that God’s given us the power to work and the leisure to rest, and the ability to delight in things like gorgeous scents, wild surf and delicious sunshine?

here’s clovelly: