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Christmas lunch was great. mum prepared most of the vegies, but i looked after the turkey, stuffing it, preparing it and getting it in and out of the oven every 20 minutes to baste. it was an absolutely delicious meal, even if i do say so myself, the turkey and stuffing done to perfection. the day wasn’t too hot, we were all happy and comfortable and content at the end of the meal.

but by the end of the day my lower back had started to hurt. a lot. by that night i could barely stand it, and by this morning i could barely walk. turns out lifting a 4kg turkey in and out of the oven probably isn’t a great thing to do when you already have a dodgy back. i’m sure there are OH&S issues at play here… 🙂

but today i had to go out for lunch with dad, janice and nic because i hadn’t seen dad for Christmas. so i went out but probably would have been better served staying in bed all day. managed to sit up okay at lunch (at the lowenbrau in the rocks) but afterwards when they all strolled down to the water to take photos, i felt like crying i was in so much pain. janice looked at my face and told dad he needed to take me home – which he hadn’t picked up on, even though i’d said several times “i think i just need to go home”. mum came over and made me dinner (bubble and squeak with the Christmas day leftovers) and i keep dozing, but haven’t been able to settle down completely. i’ve been tentatively doing exercises and stretches and it seems to be loosening up a bit, but pray that it would be completely healed! and soon!