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from colossians 1:15-23

Jesus is very attractive – his character takes your breath away. he had no mixed motives, he spoke the truth in love, he loved his Father to the point of death. Paul describes him in this way:

  • he is the image of the invisible God – any other representation is idolatry
  • he is the firstborn over all creation
  • he is the creator of all things – everything made by and for him. this includes everything visible and invisible, good and bad, the principalities and powers
  • in him all things hold together – he is the sustainer. without him, creation would disintegrate
  • he is the head of the body – the church. is this an anti-climax after hearing he is the image of God, the creator, the sustainer? no – the church is God’s people for whom Jesus’ blood was shed
  • he rules over everything
  • he reconciles all things to himself – again, including the good and the bad. he makes peace between himself and creation through the cross – he restores true order, either willing or unwilling.

    ch 2:13-14 willingly – to have our sins forgiven, our debts cancelled. every sinful act, every lustful or impure thought, every lie, every slanderous word – all these sins are cancelled, nailed to the cross. total forgiveness.

    ch 2:15 unwillingly – he will still rule over those who don’t want to submit to him, but their reconciliation won’t be forgiveness – it will be judgement.

    be warned – every knee shall bow, reconciled either in forgiveness or open shame.

  • psalm 2:11, 12b
    Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling…Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

    there is no refuge from Jesus, only refuge in Jesus. May we delight in him!