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a little bit of a change in today’s schedule. after this morning’s talk from Richard (which i will post later), i’ve had most of the day off. well, since lunch time anyway. stacie and i went to the canberra centre and walked up and down it several times looking for some decent going-out tops. nothing. all very trashy. same shops as sydney but it just seems like everything is slightly…trashier. i don’t know, might be my mood. still, i managed to find a cute red dress in tree of life, so that’s something.

last night j and i decided we needed a drink after the main meeetings (probably not the normal modus operandi of staff on a Christian conference, but hey). it was 10.30 on a sunday night, but we figured there must be somewhere open. surely.

nope. after driving around and around trying to find somewhere – anywhere – we could sit and have a glass of wine, we ended up at…the canberra casino. oh goodness me. if you think canberra itself is parochial, then this place just sums it up. it’s like someone decided they’d have a casino night in their garage and organised a few blackjack tables. it was dowdy and sad and a little bit pathetic, but there were still plenty of punters. we got our glasses of red, found a couch in a corner and holed up there for an hour, talking about life, the universe and everything. had a great talk about relationships; i love it when you can be open and honest with a Christian brother or sister and know they are being as open and honest with you. so it was good. but i ended up have really bad dreams all night about a long lost bad ex boyfriend and i really didn’t need to be reliving that trauma over and over.

but now…i am going to go back to my room, put x-men 3 on, lie on my bed and maybe even fall asleep before my darling jackie comes to pick me up for dinner.