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okay so this may seem a little extreme, but i was at westfield bondi junction yesterday and can testify to the spending frenzy that ensued. i ended up buying the last of my presents for family, and not being especially pleased with those purchases, but it got to the point where i just had to get out of there because it was sapping the life out of me.

the thing that struck me was that so many people looked so unhappy! there were all these women marching around with scowls on their faces, men herding recalcitrant children around, teenagers absolutely weighed down with bags shoving past. lots of barging was going on. i just tried to walk as fast as i could through the crowds to get where i needed to go, but i tried to smile at people as much as possible. i don’t know if it made a difference to anyone, but hey, i was one less scowling, un-Christmaslike person.