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i’m down in canberra at our national training event. i have had an exhausting couple of days but i’m starting to feel as though i am vaguely human and able to communicate coherently with strangers. with my health being stupid and my body letting me down at eveery chance it gets, it’s been harder this year to get motivated and to feel excited about NTE, but i’m trying to take every chance to have a rest that i can and making it clear to others that i need that space/recharging, which helps. being with a group of Christians is great because by and large they are concerned for your welfare, not flogging you workwise until you can’t function any more.

it all makes a difference when you get into the main meetings, sitting with 1100 other people to hear amazing talks, to sing praises to God and to be challenged in the way i live my life. all the dross falls away, all the stresses and the little niggly things that have been worrying us in the office fade, and i just feel recharged and immensely privileged to be sitting under God’s word with so many godly people and people who are just thirsting for a better understanding of Him.

i am tired though. i will post some notes from the talks soon.