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am i on glue? the melbourne cup is really just a horse race, isn’t it?

i feel like a traitor almost.

don’t get me wrong, every year i end up watching it and getting excited and even emotional about it, but i really don’t understand why as i know absolutely nothing about horse racing, i have never placed a bet and have never even been to the racetrack (aside from a first year exam that was held at the panorama room at randwick racecourse, but i don’t think that counts). i kind of resent being manipulated this much, but hey, i enjoy a spectacle as much as the next person.

i’m sick today, and so i’m at home, sitting here, watching channel 7’s coverage, and i just don’t get the hyperbole. “there are two days that mark the australian psyche…anzac day, where we honour sacrifice…and…the melbourne cup…”


i’ve always missed out on that aspect of being australian – i’m not into any sport in any way. when the olympics were on i got kind of swept up in the fun of it all but the only thing we went to see was the synchronised swimming, which doesn’t really seem to be taking the whole thing seriously, does it? i have a passing interest in the swimming and i’ll usually watch the australian open, or bits of it anyway. if someone i know is really into a sport and they can be bothered explaining it to me, i will often get into it, but only really as a bonding thing with that person.

is it because i’m half-chinese? đŸ™‚

oh they’ve got chris isaak on now doing a cover of cheap trick’s “i want you to want me”. so that’s worth watching – although they also have these bizarre people on stilts doing some interpretive dance thing to the music and it’s really not working. and there’s darren beadman – he and his family go to our church (or they did, haven’t seen them for a while…they’re a lovely family).

hurry up and run the damn race so i can go back to bed.

Delta Blues, right, in a photo finish with Pop Rock.
Photo: Wayne Taylor

at 3.09pm
horses are beautiful. i want a pony.