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it’s one of those slow-moving mornings. wish i could wake up.

oh. i made a myspace page. i’m not entirely sure why i need yet another online crevice but it’s there (besides, i blame pete, who in turn blames someone from kuring-gai). it’s oddly addictive, if ever so narcissistic. so far i’ve got three friends (yay, i feel so popular), but also random people who ask me to add them to my friends list. i haven’t decided yet whether it’ll be a closed list or open to all comers, but i’m curious as to why people add or request to be added to each others’ lists. some are just add-junkies and want to make it look like they have heaps and heaps of friends (and hey, i kind of sympathise with that because when you first set the page up and it says ‘you have 0 friends’ you do feel kind of pathetic). how do they find people they want to add? just do a random search and click on whoever looks interesting? or just click on anyone and everyone?

and what is it with the complete lack of taste most people exhibit in their page layout? so many of the pages look like someone threw up on them or like they are deliberately trying to give anyone who views it an epileptic fit. a sophisticated security feature perhaps…

i know most of my real world friends won’t be on there (because you have better things to do with your time and most of you are luddites though if you’re reading this post then obviously you’re not entirely without hope), but i have to admit the whole concept of myspace i find a little bizarre. having said that, i think i have found two long lost overseas friends on it – if it puts me back in contact with either of them then i will stop finding it all so bizarre and become a champion of the cause.