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woke up with a splitting headache, which is becoming the norm unfortunately, but managed to finally get moving. thought i would catch the bus rather than walk as i was already really late, so wandered down to anzac parade. the block of flats beside the bus stop is in its final stages of construction, and there are workmen swarming all over it, being none too subtle about staring at me, which i found kind of interesting in the light of yesterday’s all men are liars column. the undisguised leering of the workmen was in marked contrast to the young uni student on a bike who rode past staring at me but gave me the most endearing smile as he passed, which totally made all the difference. the first made my skin prickle and made me feel really exposed, whereas the second just made me smile.

i stood there for about fifteen minutes, the only person at the bus stop, feeling slightly dizzy and yuck. and in that time about ten buses went past – all 891 express buses to the uni. not a single other bus. i began to wonder if there was something happening that i hadn’t heard about. then a massive wave of nausea swept over me, i thought ‘right, that’s it’, walked back up the road and called my boss to inform him i would be working at home today. he was most understanding. i have a great boss.