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of course it’s a perfect day to not have a car and have to walk to work, isn’t it? a sudden drop in temperature, big gusty winds, unpredictable squally rain. i decided to catch the bus instead and as i was crossing anzac parade my big umbrella blew inside out and broke. hurrah! even better, there is no longer a bus shelter as there are road works going on, so i had to stand in the rain and wrestle with the umbrella which suddenly seemed absurdly large. who needs an umbrella that big? and what kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to carry such a large umbrella on a windy day? then a lady crossing the road dropped her lunch bag so i went out onto the road to retrieve her apple for her; she was very grateful and we could both be kind of embarrassed about being ungainly under pressure together.

when i finally got to work i walked into my office to discover the roof has been leaking all night. the carpet is soaking wet, and there are four different drips going at different rates just to provide me with some aural atmosphere while i attempt to work with a splitting headache.

i really should have listened to what my body was desperately trying to tell me when i woke up and stayed in bed this morning.

* to clarify, i do absolutely love this weather, i just don’t like being out in it.