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i did something very very stupid yesterday in an extreme fit of pique, while on my own – i punched a wall. i’m not quite sure what i’ve done to my hand but it doesn’t feel great.

the wall appears unscathed, but i am hoping it’s just being stoic and it’s actually crying on the inside.

it surprises me that i did that. i have always considered that to be a pointless and sometimes intimidating expression of anger; when it’s happened near me i’ve always felt terrified even if i was not the object of the person’s frustration. i guess now i have learned a valuable lesson – walls hard, hands soft, bones easiliy damaged.

what makes me feel even more foolish is i have no one to blame for having a sore hand other than myself (as dave so kindly pointed out), but i still feel like whingeing about it. it has, however, strengthened my desire to take up kickboxing at the uni. i don’t know where this aggression is coming from… (and it’s not really compatible with the girliness of the high heels from the previous post, is it?)