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am sick in bed today. but this has given me a chance to finish reading stardust again, which is one of the most beautiful and satisfying books i have ever read, a perfect sick-day book that is not too hard to get into and transports you. it taps into the childhood joy of fairy stories, but with enough richness and darkness to satisfy an adult reader (though having said that, most fairy stories are actually quite rich and dark, you just skim over those bits as a child because you don’t fully understand them).

i love neil gaiman’s writing and wish my imagination could be crystallised on the page as perfectly as his. he just has such a simple yet effective turn of phrase, a light humour that is diffused throughout, and handles violence and romance equally well – not too heavy handed with either, and gives you just enough to unsettle or satisfy (depending on your bent).

i also love neverwhere for the same reasons, but it’s a very different beast…maybe i should read that again this afternoon.

i also remembered i have book 4 of the original illustrated version that heath loaned me, with charles vess’s luscious illustrations. i think my favourite is on p52, with tristran and yvaine at the fair. can’t find it online to show you, you’ll have to seek it out for yourself. i wanted to quote my favourite passage as well but that will give the game away if you haven’t read it – so go read it!!!

i think i need to go back to bed.