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in other news, i had a car accident yesterday. was coming back from bondi junction and stopped at a t-intersection which is left-turn only. there was a bus hurtling down the road, and as our car is not very powerful i thought i had better stop as i couldn’t guarantee i’d make it round the corner in time. so i stopped. but the guy behind me didn’t – i don’t know how he hit me so hard considering we had been sitting in stopped traffic before then, but he hit me very hard and pushed the car out into the middle of the road in front of the bus. i am amazed and so grateful to God for looking after me, because i would have been squashed if the bus had been a couple of metres closer. the damage to the back of the car is a bent bumper and the boot’s kind of crumpled on one side. my neck has been very sore ever since so i’m going to the chiro this morning.

the guy was really shaken up and apologetic, and i didn’t see any reason to yell at him. i mean, he didn’t do it on purpose. but he was so amazed that i was so calm and kept thanking me for not getting upset. though i was a bit shaky and in a weird mood all night, it’s funny how things like that happen and you think you’re alright but then realise that no, you’re probably not.

but isn’t God good? i’m still alive! mum said that goes to show God must still have work for me to do. 🙂