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“no, the clock doesn’t really start to tick until you’re thirty six.”

one and a half days left till my 30th birthday! i think i’ve gotten used to the idea. i’ve used it as an excuse to buy myself a digital camera, as i feel it is a birthday that should be marked. šŸ™‚ (i used my MA graduation as an excuse to buy my ipod and it was one of the best things i’ve ever bought, so i think it’s valid) also i have a dress and shoes to wear that make me feel like a grown up (and make me feel good when i wear them, more’s the point) – but the jeans and blundstones are never far away…

mum always jokes that i never just have a birthday day, it always has to spill over and last at least a weekend if not longer. well, why not? especially at the moment, when i am in need of a bit of TLC (and have been for a long time); just the occasion to spend time doing fun things and resting. and how lucky that i have the time and resources to do all this!

i am very much looking forward to this coming week. starting on my actual birthday (21st), going up to the mountains for a weekend of being utterly spoiled, then i have the week off work and hope to sleep a lot, maybe catch up with friends, maybe read a few books if i feel like it, maybe go down to canberra to see jackie (haven’t decided yet), capped off by a buffy night with the baddeleys on thursday and what i hope will be a lovely evening of cocktails on friday with a random assortment of lovely people. ahh.

a week full of maybes with few definite plans, certainly none that will stress me out, and some wonderful things to enjoy. now that’s a good way to celebrate a birthday!