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welcome autumn! it’s about time you got here!

  • i hate still nights, it’s always hard to sleep when there is absolutely no breeze. even harder to sleep when cockroaches decide to fly into your bedroom and pester you like one did last night. now i don’t want to go to bed even though i’m tired.
  • what on earth happened to priscilla presley’s face? she’s 60! her face shouldn’t look like that! i saw a bit of her appearance on rove live last night – her mouth looks like it’s about to melt off her face and her face just doesn’t move when she speaks. do people who inject botulism into their faces seriously think that they look natural? or is the embalmed corpse look in at the moment? (and she’s offended that people call her family wacky?!)
  • i am coming to value space. just having physical space to myself seems to have a very positive effect on me – my house is all my own, and i have my nice big office at work. it seems to make it easier to cope with the stresses that come up. although having said that, i came home sick today, but at least i could curl up on the couch in my pyjamas with my blanket and not have to worry about anyone coming home.
  • the printer had an extra slot in a set of business cards i had ordered for other staff, so he’s printed me my own for free! first time i’ve had my own business card! i don’t know who i’ll give them to, but i thought that was kind of exciting. (doesn’t quite rank with dave’s news today – he’s just started working at the hilton and all employees get a room at the hotel for a night as part of their employment. how cool is that?)
  • i really should go to bed. i’m sure that cockroach didn’t tell his friends to come get me before he died. i’m sure of it.