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just came home after having dinner with brett and em, and watching the pilot of firefly with brett (em refused to watch, no matter how much i tried to convince her it wasn’t really sci fi and she’d love it…). we ate at the mixing pot in glebe, which is becoming The Place We Go whenever we get together for dinner – and that’s not a bad thing! for entree we shared figs wrapped in proscuitto with goat’s cheese and it was divine. for mains i had butterfly baby chicken with a salt crust, etc, etc, which was nice but i must admit not as amazing as em had made out. and for dessert i had the most delicious creme brulee with raspberries on the bottom – normally i don’t like adding much to a creme brulee, but this was just the perfect texture, with the perfect crackable top and the delicious tangy berries at the bottom. maybe i appreciate it all the more because i haven’t had a decadent dessert for a while, what with all the healthy eating and yoga i’m doing (it’s scary…but it’s working! i am achieving one of my new year’s resolutions!)

it was great to see brett and em. em said she just decided to call me on a whim because i was one of those spontaneous people and they might have a chance of getting me out of the house if they just threw the opportunity at me. i must admit it’s true – if i plan something in advance, even if i’m really looking forward to it, it will usually get to the day and i won’t feel like going. whereas if the opportunity happens to present itself and i’m in the mood, i’m all for it. but then brett and em are just as much piking hermits as i am and often will cancel plans at the last minute, so i never feel bad for doing it to them. we are of like mind.

i’m not sure why it is that i hesitate to go out so much. we were talking about travel and brett decided i was what is apparently called a ‘cocoon traveller’ – i like things to be comfortable and easy and stress free and want to experience ‘authentic’ local culture without any of the unpleasantness of, say, backpacking (you might love backpacking, but it’s always been a turn off for me). but i don’t think that cocoon mentality is restricted to travel. i get tired very, very quickly, and often without warning, and i need to know i can get home and be safe there at any given time. it’s partly why i don’t do things like go to the harbour on NYE to watch fireworks; while i would love to do that in many ways, the crowd would eventually freak me out, i’d get really tired and would have to work out how to get home and no doubt i would be panicking and stressed out before i managed that. so i hardly ever go out dancing or wandering about town at all hours like i used to, because of that fatigue and attendant problems. i enjoy it immensely when i do go out, but i have to be able to afford a cab home and all that kind of thing.

things like going to dinner or going to the movies are usually a safe bet. but more often than not you’ll find me curled up on the couch watching tv, or lying on my bed reading, or lying around at mum’s having a chat…or lying around at mum’s bemoaning the fact that i never go out. i guess it’s cheaper this way…

but i did enjoy that creme brulee.