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14 february 1966, the day Australia switched over to decimal currency – as valid a thing as any to celebrate on the 14th of feb, and it doesn’t start with V or involve overpriced flowers (dave was telling us tonight that at bi-lo they were selling lovely bouqets of colourful flowers for $8 a bunch, but single red roses cost $10, and at the florist they were selling single, boxed roses for $39 or something).

today is also jen’s birthday, an even more wonderful thing to celebrate than the above superfluity. happy birthday, jen!

i have just returned from port macquarie where i went for a long weekend with the tonks. bethany and i drove back today as she has to go back to school and i have to go back to work (in my new office – i forgot to say last week, i have my own office now, which is extremely exciting and has done a lot to make me feel more positive about being there).

we went to the cassegrain winery this morning before i left, and it was lovely. i had my first proper wine tasting, assisted by a lovely chap who flirted quite nicely with me, just the thing on a day when you’re feeling like an idiot because you’re single and there isn’t even anyone you could think romantic thoughts about, even if you wanted to. i bought mum a bottle of 2003 merlot-cab-sav and a noble cuvee – both very delicious – to say thank you for lending me the car to drive up and back.

i had dinner at mum’s, as usual, then came home to my empty house (hurrah). things smelled a little odd (i had gotten obstinate by the end of my flatmate’s stay and stopped doing housework because she only ever vacuumed her room and even then not often…i’m sure she would have cleaned if i’d asked her, but i objected to having to ask), so i went into one of my cleaning frenzies and did a quick vacuum and mop and lit my oil burner and burned a yummy smelling oil blend with atlas cedar, patchouli, cinnamon and balsam peru. then after watching the OC and enjoying having my house back, i went into the bathroom and thought it would be most unpleasant to wake up tomorrow and have to look at the black footprints in the bath again, so i cleaned the bath too.

it feels weird, admitting to cleaning like this, as though i’m completely obsessive. don’t get me wrong – i don’t maniacally clean all the time, i just want things how i want them (“you’re the worst kind – you think you’re low maintenance but actually you’re high maintenance”). it will be nice to start a new day with the house reasonably clean (or at least not filthy and smelling faintly wrong).

and now, to bed.