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have been listening to tori amos’ strange little girls, which i’ve had for years but i don’t think i’ve ever listened to the whole thing. previously i was put off by tori being too…well…tori, but today i’m enjoying its weird darkness. this was brought on by watching the west wing last night when they used her cover of ‘i don’t like mondays’ to moving effect and remembering that i actually do rather like tori’s music, even her covers.

which oddly reminds me that i have to start thinking of what i’m going to sing at emma and stuart’s wedding during the signing of the register (definitely not ‘i don’t like mondays’!). oh, no, it was reading karen’s blog that did it and thinking that the finn brothers’ ‘won’t give in’ is a gorgeous wedding song. i would quite like to sing ben folds’ ‘the luckiest’, but then i know another couple who walked down the aisle to that and it might not be em and stuart’s taste – although they have had absolutely no suggestions for music, and are leaving it up to me. which is a bit freaky, really.

it’s such a privilege to be asked to do music for someone’s wedding. i was really touched that tom and vanessa asked john and i to lead the singing last year at their wedding, and i loved when we did ‘you loved me’ with 3 part harmony at kim and brendan’s wedding a couple of years ago. i know they would be happy with whatever i chose to sing, but i really want it to be special of course!

hmm. i’d best think on this awhile.