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i’m grabbing a moment while i wait for the database to finish what it’s doing to say ahoy and hello.

the reason for my recent online quietness? you know those times in life that are super-stressful and it feels like everything is going wrong? and it couldn’t possibly get any worse but every day something else happens to further raise the stress bar? that’s how life has been for the last couple of months.

if you’re the praying type, please pray for me over the next few weeks as the stress levels increasingly rise. october – december is always a huge time of year both at work and church, and this year it’s been made huger by a variety of things. it’s starting to feel like there is no space in which to breathe or even just to stop, unless it’s crashing into bed at the end of the day. last night was probably the second time in two months that i was able to spend a whole night at home with my flatmate, eating together and watching TV. so i hope there are more pockets of time like that in the near future…

anyway, i’ll leave you with the quote i’ve got on my corkboard at the moment:

The story is told of a man (in the pre-mechanization era) who, while taking a walk down a country lane, came across a stone quarry in which a number of men were working. He questioned several of them about what they were doing.

The first replied irritably, “Can’t you see? I’m hewing stone.”

The second answered without looking up, “I’m earning 100 quid a week.”

But when the same question was put to the third man, he stopped, put his pick down, stood up, stuck out his chest and said, “If you want to know what I’m doing, I’m building a cathedral.”

John Stott, New Issues Facing Christians Today (3rd ed), London, Marshall Pickering, 1999, p195