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just saw serenity with the baddeleys at fox studios la premiere. how lovely to have friends who treat you to the movies in such style!

such a good movie. makes all other recent sci-fi pale into comparison, and shows it is possible to make a sci-fi movie where you actually care about the characters, where you’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen, and where the special effects don’t dominate. it’s well-written, has excellent characters, is perfectly paced, and the setting is very plausibly realised. typical joss whedon with sudden plot twists and jolts. it’s gritty and dark and funny and was one of those movies i didn’t quite want to leave. i can’t quite tell what it would be like for someone who hadn’t watched (and loved) the series firefly, but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t lose anything in the transition. go and see it!

also, in non-serenity related news, i have a flatmate! i now have another friends addict in the house, so the torch has been ably passed from camilla to ali.

(heath chooses seinfeld as the sitcom to base life on. not saying friends is a life-choice by any means, but it’s disturbing how after watching a lot of it in one go, it seems strangely normal and you start saying things like “I KNOW!” really emphatically in response to everything like monica does…i’ve had to start watching more scrubs to kind of balance it. i could always just not watch anything, but…nah)

so welcome ali. it’s nice to have someone else around, and someone who wasn’t a complete stranger (her cousin goes to my church and she recently started coming to the evening service). so my melodrama from a few posts ago has dissipated, a solution found, and a new friend has been made! hurrah!