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mmm. peppermint slice makes it all okay.

i was going to start a big rant about life in general and sadnesses and frustrations but i just had two pieces of the absolutely perfect peppermint slice camilla made last night and i feel a lot less ranty. (i was supposed to help make it but ended up lying in the foetal position on my bed. i have promised to be more involved when we make cheese scones, which is the next thing on our list to do)

i dropped a glass of orange juice on the floor this morning. i was quite amazed at the enthusiasm with which it exploded, leaving juice all up the doorposts and fridge and tiny little slivers of glass everywhere. it was not a good start to the day, which involved a lot of similarly frustrating things, including a blocked kitchen sink and lots of horrible data entry.

now, however, soothed by the peppermint and chocolate, i am taking my robin hobb book (which i have been desperate to read, but unable to because i have been so busy and sleep-deprived of late), and some coconut bubble bath and am going to my mother’s house to have a long hot bath. and then probably a glass of wine and mum’s asparagus and chicken risotto for dinner, which is some of the best comfort food i know. it also has mushrooms and white wine and pine nuts in it. mmm.

maybe i should have another bit of peppermint slice before i go.