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it’s KASM at church this week (Kids at St Martin’s for those who weren’t around last year). Last year it was me, john, mims and bek as full time leaders with a few volunteers popping in here and there. this year it’s me and john. and the volunteers so far have all been younger than 13. they are excellent helpers but i feel bad giving them so much to do when there are able bodied adults who could easily help us in this ministry. anyway.

it’s only tuesday and i’m already worn out! i have no real problem with it being understaffed except for the fact that you just can’t stop. i don’t mind being around the kids all day, and i don’t mind interacting with them all day, i just get annoyed that you can’t even have five minutes to go to the bathroom or have a cup of tea or anything. 8.30 – 5.30 is rawther a long day.

having said that, it’s a brilliant bunch of kids. they all get on really well and they’re easy to teach and have fun with. they pick up and remember the concepts really well and most of them are quite familiar with the concepts of sin and salvation, which is amazing.

i just hope john and i don’t kill each other by the end of the week. we both get quite grumpy when we’re tired…