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KASM is over and we survived – hurrah! having exclaimed thusly, i also feel quite sad that it’s done with now. not sure if there will ever be another one – i hope there will be, but john may not be around next year so running it without would be a problem. or extremely different, at the very least. but the kids were all so great and we had such fun, i agree with john when he says he could easily do another week of it – “not physically, though”.

i seem, however, to have lost the ability to sleep in. and that’s even when i’m really really tired. i stayed up reading last night till 2.00 and the longest i could stay in bed this morning was 9am. it’s very disappointing – sleeping in used to be my favourite thing. but when a beautiful sunny day unfolds like this one, i want to be out in it.

maybe i’ll do a compromise – open the window to let the fresh air in, make some coffee, get back into bed and read a bit more. mmm.