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i love singing. just had a rehearsal with cam, john and nina for winterfest at our church this saturday and i just love singing 3 part harmonies and the like. i wish i had more confidence to sing solo; i can belt it out on my own but i kind of hide behind the music stand when i’m in front of a crowd.

which is really weird, given my theatrical experience and my love of being onstage as much as being backstage – i suspect i was always a better stage manager than actor but i can’t deny i enjoyed acting. my favourite roles (mainly because they didn’t cast me as the disapproving matronly type, which is all i ever seemed to get for a while because i think a) i looked older than mostly everyone else at uni, and b) i wasn’t a size 6 Pretty Girl):

  • Ophelia in Aoise Stratford’s Ophelia’s Hamlet, because she was cranky and sarcastic and not at all waify and or insane
  • the spirit of the island in Bek’s Tempests because I got to wear the most fantastic blue corseted gown with a huge skirt, and I got to sing a gorgeous song solo
  • the chick in me and my friend (can’t believe I’ve forgotten her name…was it robyn?) because anthea took a chance on me and gave me a really meaty role, even if i did get really sick from overdoing it. also i got to act with bryoni, neil and ben and they were a brilliant cast.

i reckon most of the people who know me now would be surprised to think i had ever done any of that stuff. as i’ve said many times before, if given the chance (and if i had the time) i’d love to do more theatre again.

and back to the music thing i’d also love to be in a band, not necessarily a band that got any real gigs or anything, just a bunch of decent musos who loved to jam and who i felt comfortable jamming with. i’ve always felt just a little intimidated by people who can play really well. i’m starting to feel like the bunch of musos at church could do that, but we’re very scatty and our focus does not stay on any one thing. and i hate being the person who has to pull stuff together, i’d like to be in a band with a strong leader but who let everyone have enough space to play.

just small requests.