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i’m not going to link to the sites individually because…well, i’m not. but i was reading a story about petition websites for schapelle corby. heath and i were talking about this the other day, how people seem to think adding their name to an electronic petition is actually Doing Something (you know, along the lines of “well at least I’m doing something, what are you doing?”). but worse is what some people on one of those sites have written. abusive, derogatory and racist slander – how is this going to help anyone? aside from the fact that whoever worded the petition has a lot to learn about spelling and grammar, and that some people seem to have ‘signed’ the petition more than once, or repeatedly used the same abusive message under another name… i’m not entirely sure what the point of it is.

i personally find the whole situation the woman is in horrifying, but the nasty elements of human behaviour being revealed on both sides as a result of it aren’t much better.