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it’s my birthday on thursday and because last year i forgot to tell anyone and so consequently everyone forgot to mark it (nobody to blame but myself, but i still felt a little miffed), this year i’m having a dinner on my actual birthday, an afternoon tea thingy on saturday and a movie night (with baileys…yum) after church on sunday night.

but seeing as i’ve already gotten two birthday presents and today i had cake i feel i can safely say i’ve started a ridiculous week-and-a-bit-long celebration and i’m probably the only person who has ever spent that long celebrating turning 29, which isn’t a particularly noteworthy birthday as far as i can see.

my mum bought me an italk attachment for my ipod which means i can go and bother people and record their musings for posterity and publication. so if you see me approaching with a small white object and a strange look on my face, you’re probably on the record. (mum wanted to buy me a ‘proper’ birthday present like shoes or indulgent clothing but the italk was ‘necessary’ for an interview i was doing and it seemed more practical. that is, until my two most-worn pairs of shoes suddenly got holes in the soles and now i have nothing but high heels and sandals to wear and considering i usually get around in sneakers or boots, i probably should have opted for the shoe present…(but i’m such a gadget head i couldn’t help it))

and i came home tonight to find the new ben folds album ‘songs for silverman’ (deluxe edition no less!) hanging on my front door handle… thanks heath!!! it’s brilliant.

and today i did the bronte-bondi coastal walk with johanna w and we went to the gelato bar on campbell parade and had strong coffee and dobos torte (one of my favourite cakes, at a restaurant that mum and i used to go to all the time), so everything feels all celebratory and kind of exciting, like birthdays used to.

(before i became an old woman and started going to bed early because i actually wanted to, before i started complaining about my back, before i turned on the tv on a saturday morning and had never heard any of the songs in the top 10…

grampa simpson: “i used to be with it, but then they changed what ‘it’ was…now what’s ‘it’ seems strange and scary to me…it’ll happen to you!”

homer: “no way man, i’m gonna keep rocking forever… forever… forever… for..ever…that’s it! i’ve gotta get out of this rut and back into the groove!”)